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Lifting is in our DNA

Valla has developed a full range of pick & carry mini cranes from 1.8t to 40t for all environments.

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Our pick and carry cranes can be operated in all environments. They are equipped with the best solutions for maintaining electrical and hydraulic equipment in harsh and hot conditions.



We combine the best battery and engine technology with high-quality components so Valla cranes can work for longer with the highest level of precision. We understand lifting.


Valla is at the forefront of a global shift towards electric power for crane lifting. We have been a world leader in the design and manufacture of electric battery pick and carry cranes for 20 years. Our cranes deliver zero-emission and low-noise lifting for clean and controlled environments.

valla V70R pick and carry crane

Working with Hird to develop the specification and deliver this crane for us represents a major step forward in lifting applications. It is a brilliant addition to our equipment portfolio.

Andy Currey | Virgin Atlantic

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