Hird receives second order for aircraft maintenance mini crane

Hird is to supply a specialist Valla aircraft maintenance crane to the private owner of a fleet of large passenger jet aircraft in the Middle East.

The Manitex Valla 1725 48ES 22-tonne DC electric mini crane is the same specialist model designed for Virgin Atlantic Airways’ maintenance hangar at Gatwick Airport.

The new order has been received via an aviation maintenance specialist in France.

Hird Sales and Aftersales Manager Carl Cooper said: “The Valla 1725 48ES mini crane has been designed especially for maintenance operations on large wide-bodied aircraft within the confined areas of a modern aircraft hangar.

“We have had a lot of interest within the aviation maintenance industry, because the pick and carry crane offers such unique capabilities, and really does take lifting operations for aircraft maintenance to a new level.

“We’re delighted to win this order and expect more to follow. We took the French aircraft maintenance specialist to see the mini crane in action at Gatwick Airport, and its representatives could see straight away the advantages it has over other lifting methodologies.”

Hird is the approved UK and Ireland distributor for Valla Cranes, the Italian-based industrial crane division of US lifting business Manitex.

Its crane lifting engineers worked with Valla Cranes and Virgin Atlantic Airways to design the specification for the pick and carry crane, and put it through a rigorous testing and implementation programme.

The airline has acknowledged that the Valla 1725 48ES represented a major step forward in lifting applications – and a “brilliant” addition to its aircraft maintenance equipment portfolio.

The mini crane has capabilities ideally-suited to working in aircraft maintenance environments – where safety, productivity and flexibility are all vital, alongside rapid operational turnaround and cost control.

Its boom can slew through 360 degrees continuously, it has a maximum lifting capacity of 22 tonnes, a working height of 15.5 metres, and a reach of 13.5 metres.

As an electric crane, it has zero emissions and is low noise, so it does not interfere with effective communication during aircraft maintenance operations, which is vital for safety and productivity.

The pick and carry mini crane can carry out many tasks faster and more easily than conventional lifting systems. With the right approvals from aircraft and engine manufacturers, it could be used to carry out engine changes.

The Valla 1725 48ES has the latest COBO 3B6 digital load control systems. It also has fully-blocked and short-blocked duties, in both free on wheels and pick and carry modes.

For more information about the Valla 1725 48ES pick and carry mini crane, or to discuss lifting needs in another industrial sector, contact Hird. We work with clients around the world.

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