Service & Maintenance

Service and maintenance

Valla Cranes can provide high quality service and maintenance support for your pick and carry cranes in whatever configuration is best.

Our UK authorised distributor, Hird, operates a national team of mobile engineers who are fully-qualified and experienced in servicing all models of Valla mini cranes.

All engineers carry a stock of parts, and we can order other parts rapidly, so many maintenance tasks and can be carried out with a first-time fix.

Pick and carry crane refurbishment

If necessary, we can also carry out a full refurbishment of your pick and carry cranes, including stripping down and cleaning parts, replacing old or defective parts, repainting and replacing signage.

LOLER and PUWER compliance

As part of our pick and carry crane maintenance service we can carry out all work to ensure your Valla mini cranes remain LOLER and PUWER compliant.

Under LOLER 1998 and PUWER 1998 regulations, it is a legal requirement to test and inspect pick and carry cranes by carrying out regular thorough examinations by an authorised person.

Talk to us about your pick and carry crane service and maintenance needs. Call us +44 (0)1482 227333 Email [email protected]

Valla Pick and Carry Crane - Service and Maintenance
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