Aviation Maintenance

Aviation maintenance (MRO) cranes

Valla pick and carry cranes are ideally-suited for carrying out lifting in aviation maintenance and overhaul (MRO) environments.

Our mini cranes are used by aviation MRO teams across the world, from 1.8t pick and carry cranes right up to 40t cranes. Also, Hird – the UK and Ireland distributor for Valla Cranes – is a global distributor for aviation cranes on behalf of Manitex International.

“Working with Hird to develop the specification and deliver this Valla crane for us represents a major step forward in lifting applications. It is a brilliant addition to our equipment portfolio.”

Andy Currey | Tooling and Ground Support Equipment Manager, Virgin Atlantic

More productive

Valla pick and carry cranes can operate indoors and outdoors, widening the lifting and aircraft maintenance envelope beyond the hangar space, increasing flexibility and productivity.

They reduce worker exposure to the lifting zone, increasing safety. Valla mini cranes also provide end-to-end single handling solutions, with one crane carrying out complex lifting tasks.

Our cranes are also robust and reliable. They are equipped with the best solutions for maintaining electrical and hydraulic equipment in harsh and hot conditions.

More sustainable

Valla Cranes is at the forefront of a global shift towards electric power for crane lifting, delivering sustainability benefits to customers across the globe.

We have been a world leader in the design and manufacture of electric battery pick and carry cranes for 20 years.

Our mini cranes deliver zero-emission and low-noise lifting for clean and hazard-controlled environments. They will work for a full shift and beyond. Futureproof your lifting with Valla Cranes.

More precise

We combine the best battery technology and high-quality components, including AC drive motors and solid state controllers so Valla cranes can work for longer with the highest level of precision.

We also understand the aviation industry and work with. The productivity and sustainability gains delivered by Valla helps to support maintenance regimes that minimise aircraft downtime and maximise safety.

Designed for Aviation Maintenance

We work with MRO companies to design pick and carry functionality specifically for aviation environments. Our aviation mini cranes are fitted with all ICAO/CAA airport standard equipment:
  • Statutory amber warning beacons
  • Jib-head red flashing beacon
  • Anti-static recoil drum
  • Anti-Static strip
  • Outrigger amber warning beacons
  • External emergency stop

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Aviation Maintenance - Valla Cranes