Secondary independent brake boost for Manitex Valla 25EL

The Manitex Valla 25EL pick and carry crane can now be bought from Hird Group fitted with a new secondary front wheel brake system.

Hird has worked with Valla Cranes to develop the two-tonne electric front brake, an option favoured by some mini crane users, especially when working at height.

Curtain wall and glass installers have responded positively to the development, given the excellent productivity delivered by Valla pick and carry cranes for this type of work.


Hird Cranes Sales and Aftersales Manager Carl Cooper said: “The Valla 25EL can now be fitted with two electric front wheel brakes, which operate independently from the standard rear brake.

“They are activated automatically when the mini crane is stationary, and are switched off when it is being moved. It gives operators three-wheel braking on the Valla 25EL for the first time.

“The Valla 25EL already delivers 250kg extra lifting capacity, compared with the nearest rivals on the market, and weighs less than 2,000kg.

“Now, that is matched by an independent secondary braking system that enhances safety assurance, especially when the machine is being used to lift loads up the sides of buildings.”

It gives glass installation specialists more options to switch from spider cranes to Valla 25EL pick and carry cranes, which have the potential to deliver greater productivity.

In the extremely unlikely case of the rear drive-wheel braking system failing, the electric front wheel brakes provide a back-up system.

The Valla 25EL mini crane can also be fitted with a 900mm adjustable fly jib to extend boom length and tip height, as well as an integrated winch.

In another innovation, Hird can also connect an independent winch or hoist into the crane’s 3B6 COBO load moment system, extending its negative lift duty, while maintaining its excellent safety performance.

Carl Cooper said: “These developments – the front wheel brake, the optional fly jib, and the independent winch integration – cement the Valla 25EL’s position as the most capable small pick and carry crane on the market.”

For more information about Valla pick and carry crane sales, call Carl Cooper: 01482 22733.
Or email: [email protected].