Valla 210R – Zero emission lifting

The Valla V210R pick and carry crane is big on lifting but low on its impact on the environment.

A fully electric crane running off batteries, it provides fume-free lifting, making it ideal for work indoors and sensitive areas where emissions need to kept to an absolute minimum.

Its electric power however, in no way compromises it’s lifting capabilities.

  • It has a maximum lifting capacity of 21,000kg (21ton)
  • Maximum working height of 12m
  • Maximum working radius of 8.1m
  • Lifting capacity at max height is 8,000kg
  • Lifting capacity at max radius is 3,600kg

The Valla V210R also benefits from wireless remote control operation, which allows the operator to place the pick and carry crane in the optimum position for the lifting task.

Valla Function Focus
Your purchase of a Valla mini crane, comes with a familiarisation process with your personnel. This will ensure your team members are aware of the specific operating systems that give our pick and carry cranes their performance.
valla v210r crane

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