Valla cranes – innovation since 1945

Valla’s rich history dates back to 1945 when the Valla company was founded, delivering construction machinery for reconstruction work.

However, it was back in 1961 when John E Valla designed the very first self-propelled crane that the pick and carry crane was born. It was originally equipped with a MVbenz engine.

1972 saw the very first electric powered version of the self-propelled crane. This was the Valla 30E – one the best selling electric pick and carry cranes.

Yet more innovation came in 1999 with Valla’s first hybrid pick and carry crane – the 40 ton Valla 400 E/D.

The new millennium saw advances in electronics in the light range around 2010, prior to the Manitex International acquisition of Valla S.p.A in 2014.

In more recent times, in 2020, the radio remote controlled pick and carry cranes were developed with the launch of the Valla V80 R pick and carry crane.

Valla Function Focus
Valla has developed a full range of pick and carry mini cranes from 1.8t to 40t for all environments.
Valla History

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