Focus on the Valla 20E pick and carry crane series

One of Peter Hird and Sons Ltd’s most popular pick and carry cranes is the Valla 20E. The mini crane is available to Hirds customers in three configurations – the 20E is an electric powered crane with non marking tyres, the 20E TRX is also electric, however the machine is on tracks and the 20D TRX is a diesel powered mini crane, also on tracks.

The versatility of the Valla 20E pick and carry crane series means that our mini crane hire customers can work in any environment, whether it be inside using one of the fume free electric cranes in confined spaces, or using the rough terrain diesel crane outside on uneven ground.

The 20E mini cranes, along with all other Valla models, are ideal machines for glass lifting when used in conjunction with any of the Hirds range of vacuum glass lifters, such as the MT2, MRTA6, P11104, and the MRT4.

Each of the Hirds 20E pick and carry cranes has a lifting capacity of 2.0 tonnes (4,409 lbs), and with a width of just 0.95m (3.1 ft) and height of 1.73m (5.6 ft) can fit through most doorways.

Whilst Hirds can supply a crane operator for any job, large or small, the Valla range is so easy to use that many hirers opt to operate the mini cranes themselves. However, full health & safety and operator training is available through our training department – Hird Training.

The full range of Valla mini cranes is available for hire throughout the UK, from the Hirds Southern Depot, covering London and the south, Central Depot in Doncaster and its Northern Depot and head office in Hull.

As well as being for hire, our Valla mini crane range and accessories are available for sale. We can also offer full contract lift packages and machinery moving service, so please email [email protected] or call: 01482 227333 to discuss your requirements.