Let’s go higher – Hird hears exciting news from Valla Cranes

Hird Sales has heard about exciting developments of the new Valla V range of mini pick and carry cranes at a dealers open day.

The company was part of an invited audience of 50 European dealers and guests at the event held in Modena, Italy.

The event, organised by parent company Manitex International, gave senior executives from Valla Cranes the opportunity to talk about business plans and product launches.

Strong product development

Counterparts from Valla Cranes’ sister company, the access platform manufacturer Oil&Steel, also gave dealers a full product and business update.

Carl Cooper, Sales and After-Sales Manager Hird Sales, who attended the event, said: “It was a very useful event and gave us a preview of new products coming onto the market.

“The slogan, Let’s Go Higher, was apt for Valla and for Oil&Steel because both companies will be launching new larger machines.

“It’s good for us and for our customers to know that both manufacturers are confident about the future and pressing ahead with a strong product development strategy.”


New heavy pick and carry cranes

Hird Sales is the UK and Ireland authorised dealer for both Valla pick and carry cranes and for Oil&Steel truck mounted platforms and tracked spider platforms.

Paulo Balugani, General Manager of Manitex Valla, explained how Valla Cranes is constantly developing new products and now has a wide range of cranes available for almost any industrial application.

As an example, he revealed Valla had invested in the development and production of four new heavy pick and carry cranes in its successful V-range.

The cranes were electric battery powered, with wireless remote control, and with options for safe working loads of 35tm 40t, 45t and 50t.

They can be supplied with long and short booms and with or without sit-in cabs.

Attachments available include: a winch, a manual stubby fly jib, a hydraulic luffing fly jib, and a self-levelling fork attachment.


Positive reaction to Valla V Range

Carl Cooper said: “It was exciting to see these new pick and carry cranes would soon be available to order. It’s a reflection of the very positive way the Valla V-Range has been welcomed across Europe, including the UK.

“The V mini cranes we’ve sold so far have raised the bar in terms of compactness, lifting power, precision, engineering quality and flexibility, so I have no doubt these larger models will be just as good.”

Hird Sales can supply customers with all Valla pick and carry. This includes with customers and Valla to develop bespoke versions of mini cranes, if required.

Hird Sales is also an international sales specialist for Valla Cranes for the aviation maintenance (MRO: maintenance, repair and overhaul) sector.

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