Manitex Valla aviation maintenance crane goes to Middle East

Hird Group has supplied a Manitex Valla pick and carry crane specifically designed for aviation maintenance to a major aircraft operator in the Middle East.

The Valla 220ES compact crane is designed to carry out precision lifts in aircraft hangars, contributing to safer and more productive maintenance tasks where speed of turnaround is a critical factor.

It has a fly jib giving a tip height of 19.3 metres, and excellent up and over reach capability where ceiling space is limited. It is also fitted with additional cooling systems to support effective, continuous operation in hot environments.

Aviation maintenance crane – key tasks

Hird, an authorised dealer for Manitex Valla Cranes, worked with lifting specialist REEL, which sourced the crane on behalf of its end-use client.

Key tasks carried out by Hird included helping to establish initial specifications and carrying out on-site crane commissioning, including providing operator and maintenance training.

The Valla 220ES has a safe working load of 22 tonnes. It is the same model as a pick and carry crane, then designated the 1725 48ES, that Hird supplied to Virgin Atlantic Airways which the airline described as bringing aviation lifting into the 21st Century.

Ground-breaking aviation lifting performance

Carl Cooper, Hird’s Crane Sales and After-Sales Manager, said: “We’re delighted that REEL approached us and that its client has selected the ground-breaking Valla 220ES pick and carry crane for its aviation maintenance operation.

“The crane will be used to support maintenance of a varied fleet of aircraft up to the Boeing 747 800, and to support, in particular, the maintenance and changeover of engines.

“As a low-noise, zero-emissions machine, with lifting performance tailored specifically for hangar-based aviation environments, we believe it will support excellence in aircraft maintenance for many years to come.”

Very good performance and cost-effective to operate

Ian Gay, for REEL, said: “The operational performance of the pick and carry crane is very good. It’s very compact for its lifting capacity, is highly manoeuvrable, and is cost-effective to operate.

“There is no space for an overhead crane system in our client’s hangar. The Valla 220ES delivers flexible lifting solutions in all locations around the hangar, as well as precision control for high value work tasks.”

The Valla 220ES meets all Civil Aviation Authority health and safety guidelines and directives.

It can carry out lifts with outriggers in static configuration or when not deployed. The operator can control the crane from the on-board cab, or via wireless remote control.

Virgin Atlantic Airways described the Manitex Valla aviation maintenance crane as a major step forward that brings lifting operations for aircraft maintenance into 21st Century.

Latest remote monitoring for optimum lifting

The pick and carry crane has a new fleet management monitoring system from COBO 3B6, called InTouch. It is equipped with GPRS, and optional GPS. Data can be viewed by the client or Valla via an online portal.

The system allows the customer and manufacturer to monitor the full status for the crane, what it is doing, where it is and receive automatic alerts if there is a system failure.

Carl Cooper said the benefits of the Valla 220ES pick and carry crane for aviation maintenance lifting solutions were compelling, in terms of safety, speed, cost reduction, and sustainability.

For more information about Valla pick and carry crane sales, call Carl Cooper: +44 (0)1482 22733. Or email:[email protected].