Mini cranes – flexible solution for factory lifts

An increasing number of manufacturers are seeing the benefits of using mini cranes in factories.

A pick and carry crane can be designed to lift and carry a load then placing it precisely where you want it to go.

With modern industrial processes, where manufacturing complexity is increasing, a pick and carry crane can be the ideal alternative to traditional lifting solutions.

In the past, factories have used fixed gantries, designed for linear production processes and focussing primarily on heavy lifts.

Light loads have been moved with a high degree of manual handling, increasing health and safety risks.

Now, factories are being designed to be more flexible, with production switching regularly and more quickly between different products.

Companies also want lifting systems that are scalable as their business grows.

This is bringing the mini crane into its own, as production machines and manufactured goods are lifted and moved in different ways.

Pick and carry cranes, for example, can carry out many different tasks, such as changing moulds or replacing components if there is a breakdown.

Mini cranes can lift units of different sizes and shapes without needing to be re-palletised, multi-handled or placed on a fork lift.

Factory production managers increasingly realise that mini cranes reduce the risk of damage and greatly reduces manual handling hazards.

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