MRO Middle East visitors get lift from Manitex Valla

An expert team from Manitex Valla is at a major maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO) exhibition in Dubai to promote the benefits of using the pick and carry cranes in the aviation environment.

Thousands of aviation maintenance specialists and leaders are attending MRO Middle East which includes an exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Centre today (25 February) and tomorrow.

A sales and technical team from Hird, the world distributor of Manitex Valla cranes to the aviation industry, is at Stand 1529 at the event following the positive response to the cranes at the Kuwait Aviation Show last month.

Valla MRO benefits on show

Valla pick and carry cranes across the range are being used for MRO activities thanks to significant advantages for the aviation maintenance industry, including improved productivity, sustainability and precision.

Hird Sales and After-Sales Manager Carl Cooper said: Valla pick and carry cranes provide MRO organisations with distinct benefits in terms of flexibility, safety, precision and sustainability in aviation maintenance environments.

“Pick and carry cranes very successfully augment other lifting systems, such as gantry cranes, to greatly improve maintenance turnaround times and allow MRO providers to break through constraints and extend their lifting envelope.

“This includes carrying out maintenance on external hard-standing areas as well as insider hangars and using pick and carry capabilities to develop more flexible and faster MRO systems of work.”

Fast turnaround and safety vital

The Hird Manitex Valla team is taking the opportunity at MRO Middle East in the United Arab Emirates to continue conversations started at the Kuwait Aviation Show and to introduce the Valla aviation crane concept to other MRO providers.

Some of the world’s busiest and fastest-growing civil aviation hubs are in the Middle East, Dubai being one of them. All stand to benefit greatly from the enhanced safety and aircraft turnaround times from using Valla aviation cranes.

This is especially the case where efficient aircraft maintenance plays a key role in allowing passengers to make connecting flights, as is the case in the Middle East.

Key benefits include:

  • All-electric pick and carry cranes deliver zero-emission, low-noise and clean lifting needed in aviation environments where coordination of high-skill engineering teams is essential, enhancing safety and sustainability;
  • Valla cranes meet and surpass all aviation safety specifications as well international legislation and regulations for airside operation;
  • They can be designed and built to meet specific customer requirements;
  • Valla cranes can work on can work on all types of aircraft, including wide-bodied aircraft and rotary aircraft;
  • They improve productivity through the extension of the aviation lifting envelope and by providing end-to-end lifting solutions, reducing manual handling and simplifying complex lifting tasks;
  • Valla cranes provide precision lifting with functions that include variable position outriggers, wireless remote control, hydraulic fly jibs, and advanced load monitoring and micro-control systems to safeguard aircraft and personnel.

Valla cranes are proving their worth for commercial, military and private MRO functions. These include engine removal and installation, cowl cover removal and installation, ejector seat removal and installation, and wing and tail assembly maintenance.

Pick and carry cranes across the Valla range excel in aviation maintenance environments, including the:

Valla 22E
(SWL: 2.25t)
Valla 50E
(SWL: 5t)
Valla 120E
(SWL: 12t)
Valla 220SE
(SWL: 22t)

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