New compact Valla V cranes deliver BIG advantages

Valla V Range

Manitex Valla’s new ‘V’ pick and carry cranes, available from Hird, are designed to deliver the maximum lifting power in the most confined spaces AND the most flexible and productive capabilities.

All V cranes are electric battery powered, with solid state controls and AC motors. Fitted with the latest batteries and chargers, they provide best-in-class performance for green lifting energy.

Battery powered mini cranes can now be used in almost all environments, including clean rooms for pharmaceutical and food manufacturing, without disturbing the workforce and potentially harmful emissions.

Hird can also offer explosion-proof versions of all cranes in the Valla V range.

Lifting challenges

It is a message being heard by customers, with Hird in the process of delivering V range pick and carry cranes to a European navy and a global aviation maintenance specialist.

Hird Sales and After-Sales Manager Carl Cooper said: “Valla has created a tight range of cranes, with safe working loads of 3.6, 6, 8, 11, and 21 tonnes available so far.

“That’s because Valla wants to supply cranes that are ideally matched to the lifting challenges customers face, and in most cases that involves lifting in constrained space.

“Valla V cranes will deliver the maximum lifting power and capability in the most limited spaces. That’s important because you can’t shrink a crane. They must work in the space allowed, and Valla cranes do that brilliantly.

“Valla cranes are a designed specifically to work with dynamic loads, and for carrying, which means the load is moving, so they have capabilities that help control the additional risk involved.”

Crane attachments

Another key advantage of Valla V cranes is the number of attachments they can be combined with to extend their capabilities, for example hydraulic lifting forks, winches and luffing hydraulic fly jibs.

Carl Cooper explained: “There can be a view that pick and carry cranes are good for three days a week but they lack the flexibility of other lifting equipment.

“This can’t be said with the Valla V range of cranes. They can be fitted with lifting forks, hydraulic fly jibs, or with winches and hook blocks to carry out different types of lifts as required, maximising productivity.”

Hird can currently supply Valla V pick and cranes ranging from the Valla V36R, with a SWL of 3.6 tonnes, to the Valla V210R, with a SWL of 21 tonnes.

All the cranes are designed without cabs, with wireless drive and lifting control. The V210R can also be supplied with a cab, and all the cranes can be supplied with a wired remote control, if that is preferred.

Wireless remote control

Full wireless control allows the operator to stand away from the crane, controlling operations from the best and safest location. It also means they can take a more active role in a lift, enhancing flexible and productive working still further.

Carl Cooper said: “It is important to realise that Valla V range pick and carry cranes are second skill machines. They don’t have to be operated by a dedicated crane operator.

“For example, they can be operated by a fitter or a forklift driver. This allows the significant technical and safety advantages of using a pick and carry cranes to be realised, alongside operational flexibility and cost control.”

Wireless Remote for all Valla V Range Pick and Carry Cranes
Wireless Remote Control

A key attribute across the range is compactness. For example, the Valla V210R has a maximum working height of 21m and a maximum radius of 8.1m.

Yet it is just 4490mm long – an Audi A4 car is longer – and 1980mm wide. Its footprint is 14% smaller than a Valla 180ES pick and carry crane, and its SWL 3 tonnes bigger.

With the boom stowed for transport, the mini crane has a height of just two metres, adding to its credentials for operating in constrained space, attributes shared across the range.

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Audi A4 is longer than a Valla V210R Pick and Carry Crane