Pick and Carry Cranes – UK and Ireland Hire Network

Peter Hird and Sons’ range of pick and carry cranes is available for hire throughout the UK and Ireland. Hirds pick and carry cranes are used to lift, transport and place loads of up to 25,000 kg in weight.

Hirds stocks the popular Valla range of pick and carry cranes, with models including the 20E, 20E TRX, 20D TRX, 25E, 35E, 35D TRX, 50E, 75E, 90E, 120E, 180E and the 250E

A number of the valla cranes have non marking tyres so are suitable for indoor use, whilst other valla models are tracked, so can be used on rough surfaces.

Some of the smaller cranes are less than a metre in width, so are ideally suited to fitting through most doorways and working in tight areas. Most of the Valla range on offer operate fume free , so again, are ideal for indoor use.

Power supply options on the valla range include electric pick and carry cranes, diesel pick and carry cranes and LPG pick and carry cranes.

The full range of pick and carry cranes is available for hire, along with various mini crane and glass handling accessories, from Peter Hird and Sons’ southern depot, serving London and the south, the central depot, serving the midlands, the east and Wales and the northern depot, serving the north, north east and Scotland.

Whilst each pick and carry crane in the Valla range and all accessories, such as vacuum glass lifters, are easy to operate, Peter Hird and Sons can also offer full contract lift packages, so please call 01482 227333 to discuss your requirements.

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