Recycling specialist selects sustainable electric Valla ‘V’ crane

Recycling specialist Viridor has given its green credentials another lift with the purchase of a new electric Manitex Valla ‘V’ crane from Hird to support a new energy recovery and recycling centre.

The Valla V80R remotely-controlled pick and carry crane is being put to work on general maintenance duties at the company’s new Avonmouth polymers recycling facility (PRF) which opened in 2021.

As a fume-free and zero emissions battery-powered electric mini crane, the Valla V80R is aligned with the Viridor’s vision of processing waste in a way that reduces carbon emissions and boosts sustainability.

Valla V80R pick and carry crane for Viridor recycling specialists

Perfect mini crane

Hird Sales and Aftersales Manager Carl Cooper said: “The Valla V80R is the perfect pick and carry crane for Viridor’s PRF in Avonmouth and we’re delighted that Viridor has selected it.

“The mini crane is highly compact and manoeuvrable, and uses advanced battery management technology to ensure it delivers excellent sustainable, zero-emissions and fume-free performance.

“As a wireless remote controlled crane, it is ideal for lifting duties in the energy recovery facility. The crane operator can control lifts from the best position to maximise safety and productivity.”

The Valla V80R pick and carry crane is part of a ground-breaking new generation of ‘V cranes’ from Valla that combine industry-leading compactness with new standards of performance, supported by a range of accessories that maximise flexibility.

Small footprint

The mini cranes can be supplied with wireless remote control or with a conventional onboard cab.

The Valla V80R pick and carry crane has a maximum working height of 9m (SWL 2,000kg) and a maximum working radius of 5.5m (SWL 1,300kg).

It is just 1400mm wide and 3790mm long, giving it a smaller footprint than a standard Mini car, and is just 1999mm high, allowing it to be moved into highly constrained spaces to carry out lifts.

Thanks to the design flexibility of all Valla cranes, and the V range in particular, Viridor has been able to specify a range of additional accessories and capabilities for its Valla V80R.

It has a powerful hydraulic winch and hook block, a counterbalance fork attachment with a SWL of 3t, and a wrap-around hydraulic luffing jib – luffing referring to its ability to move up and down.

Valla V80R compact pick and carry crane

Other V Range Valla Pick and Carry Cranes

Complex environments

The 2.3m-long jib extends the crane’s radius to 7.5m at which point it can lift 750kg, and its tip height to 11.25m (SWL 1t).

The jib has a maximum SWL of 3t, and extends the pick and carry crane’s lifting capabilities in environments where space above the load is limited, which is ideal for operating in a complex materials processing plant.

Viridor’s Valla V80R industrial mini crane also has an extending chassis and a front stabiliser to maximise lifting capacities across the crane lifting envelope.

The Avonmouth Resource Recovery Centre has an energy recovery facility (ERF) and the PRF, and is aligned with the principle of creating a no waste society through reuse and recycling of material.

It will generate up to 307 Gigawatts per hour of electricity per year, enough energy to power the equivalent of 84,000 households and to process over 320,000 tonnes of material every year.

Find out more about the Valla V Crane range from Hird. Call 01482 227333. Email [email protected].