The case for Valla crane hire – your questions answered

Today companies want access to the best and most comprehensive lifting service.

It’s common for lifting managers to say, ‘Get a crane in,’ or, ‘Hire a crane’ and then call up the local crane hire to see what they have in. In a lot of these situations, no doubt, the crane hire company can supply the correct crane.

But sometimes it can’t.

It’s at that point that a call to Valla Cranes is a very good bet, to see what we can offer as a safe and cost-effective lifting option.

Let’s look at some common questions:

Q. I want to lift in a live plant and am not allowed to stop production.
A. Valla Cranes offers DC electric pick and carry cranes with zero emissions and low noise – perfect for operating in live operational environments.

Q. We need to lift a production machine out of the factory
A. Valla Cranes has cranes with a wide range of lifting capacities, from 2t through to 40t, all designed for working in confined work areas, with limited access and egress. Our 2t cranes are only 900mm wide. Even Valla 12t cranes are just 2,100mm wide and 2,320mm high.

Q. I need to lift a pump out of the production area and get it to the workshop for servicing.
A. With Valla pick and carry cranes, whatever load can be lifted statically can be carried. For example, say you have to lift a pump weighing 4t at 3m radius and 10m height. The 12t crane can lift this and drive off carrying the load. The crane can, if required, lift and telescope with a load on the hook.

Q. We want to travel the crane around the factory and are not sure if battery cranes will last a shift.
A. As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of electric cranes, all our cranes are built using the latest electric and green energy technology. Solid state controllers and AC motors reduce moving parts and increase battery life, so completing a standard work shift is well within their capability range.

Q. We lift moulds and tooling. Can Valla cranes be used in a production area?
A. Valla cranes are ideal for carrying out both production and maintenance tasks.

Q. Can Valla cranes work outside?
A. Valla cranes also offer diesel / LPG power options alongside DC electric. All power versions, including DC electric, can be operated outside, and have IP67 systems.

Q. We only ever request contract lifts. Do you offer contract lifting options?
A. Contract lift or crane hire options are available with Valla pick and carry cranes.

Q. Can we operate a Valla crane without a full-time crane driver?
A. All companies need to train their employees to use the equipment they operate. We offer both a CPCS training option or an in-house training course. Valla industrial cranes are made for the industrial sector. With this in mind, they are designed so they can be operated as a second skill for a fitter or factory operator. You do not need a full-time crane operator. Also, Valla cranes can be hired with or without an operator.

Q. Do crane hire companies supply pick and carry cranes?
A. Crane hire companies are supplying more and more lifting options, so many more crane hirers now have access to Valla cranes.

So, call your local crane hire company and ask them about Valla pick and carry cranes for your next lifting project. Or call the team at Valla Cranes. We’re here to help, at any time.

For more information about Valla pick and carry mini cranes, contact Carl Cooper: +44 (0)1482 227333 Email: [email protected]