UAE aviation maintenance specialist takes Valla mini crane

Valla Manitex - V110R Pick and Carry Crane

Hird has delivered a Valla V110R pick and carry crane to the Dubai fixed base operation of aviation maintenance specialist Jet Aviation to significantly improve its lifting capabilities.

A crane lifting team from Hird spent six days at the FBO at Dubai DXB training 12 crane operators and six maintenance engineers as part of the handover process.

Hird Sales and After-Sales Manager Carl Cooper, who led the training programme, said: “We were delighted to be able to supply Jet Aviation with a crane so well suited to the company’s needs.

“The Jet Aviation team had been having to use a much larger mobile crane to carry out tasks like engine changes which created challenges when working in confined spaces.

“The Valla V110R is part of Valla’s new V range, and combines a new level of compactness for pick and carry cranes with other functions that makes it perfect for working in aircraft hangers.”

HIRD - The consensus was that Valla battery-powered cranes were an ideal solution

Perfect option

In fact, the Valla V110R crane got a major seal of approval at MRO Middle East in Dubai which the same Hird team attended straight after training the Jet Aviation team.

Carl Cooper explained: “Hangar manufacturers who visited the Hird stand at the show explained how a trend was emerging to build hangars without integrated overhead cranes to reduce costs.

“After seeing details of our Valla pick and carry cranes, including the Valla V110R, they said they were clearly the perfect option to carry out lifting duties in hangars without a gantry crane.”

The Valla V110R pick and carry crane has a maximum safe working load of 11 tonnes, a maximum working height of 10m, and a maximum working radius of 6.2m, at which point its SWL is 1900kg.

As a battery electric crane it delivers fume-free, low-noise and low carbon footprint lifting, which is ideal for working in clean, high precision and safety-critical engineering environments like aviation maintenance hubs.

As a pick and carry crane, it can also be used to carry out maintenance tasks on airport aprons, or move equipment between buildings, simplifying lifting systems, and improving productivity.

Small footprint

Carl Cooper said: “Safety is at the heart of aircraft maintenance, as is the need to complete tasks under time pressure to ensure aircraft are ready in time. Both must go hand in hand.

“This makes the performance advantages of Valla cranes all the more important. The Jet Aviation maintenance team was impressed with the V110R. It could do everything they needed and more.”

The footprint of the Valla V110R mini crane is smaller than a mid-range SUV car. Its movement and lift functions are operated with a radio remote control, allowing the crane operator to stand in precisely the right position to manage the lift safely and optimally.

Jet Aviation’s Dubai DXB FBO is one of 50 maintenance hubs the company operates around the globe. It provides MRO support for Gulfstream and a range of other aircraft operators.

valla-V110R - pick and carry crane

Hird is a global sales representative for Manitex Valla for cranes operating in the aviation maintenance sector.

It can supply a full range of Valla pick and carry cranes, including the Valla 220SE (SWL – 22t), which was first built for Virgin Atlantic and is now used by aircraft maintenance teams around the world.

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