Valla aviation cranes at Kuwait Aviation Show

Crane experts from Hird are attending the Kuwait Aviation Show 2020 on 15-18 January to demonstrate the benefits of Manitex Valla cranes for aircraft maintenance.

Its technical sales team will explain how Valla pick and carry cranes provide a compelling alternative or additional resource to overhead crane systems conventionally used in aircraft hangars.

Hird is the worldwide distributor of Manitex Valla aviation cranes. They include the Valla 220SE pick and carry crane, which Hird has helped design to provide the most flexible and sustainable lifting solution for aircraft maintenance.

Introducing the Valla 220SE aviation crane

The Kuwait Aviation Show 2020 is one of the most important commercial and military aviation events in the Middle East. Hird is one of more than 300 exhibitors at the show.

There will be 60 aircraft on display. The show is expected to attract an estimated 15,000 trade visitors and 60,000 public visitors.

The Valla 220SE pick and carry crane has already been sold to aviation operators in the Middle East and the UK, and Hird is expecting to attract significant interest from companies around the world.

The Valla 220SE is powered by DC electric batteries and has a maximum safe working load of 22t. Its boom can slew through 360 degrees and is fitted with all ICAO/CAA standard safety devices.

Pick and carry cranes – strong aviation choice

Cranes across the Valla range have proved their worth in very diverse aviation environments – working on all aircraft from light planes to wide-bodies passenger jets, military aircraft and helicopters.

Hird Sales and After-sales Manager Carl Cooper said: “Overhead cranes do a very good job for lifting in aircraft hangers, but Valla pick and carry cranes deliver a wider variety of benefits that make them a very strong alternative.

“Most importantly, they can do everything an overhead crane can do but they are also portable, so they can be used airside as well as in a hanger, while an overhead crane is limited to its design footprint.

“Also, their pick and carry capability means they can be used for single-point lifting, so there are no load handovers, allowing lifts to be completed more simply, safely and productivity by smaller teams.”

Customise your aviation crane

All Valla compact industrial cranes can be customised to ensure they meet all aviation maintenance clients’ operational requirements and the very latest plus predicted safety regulations.

Electric power delivers zero-emission and low-noise lifting, critical for indoor environments where operatives must work high-performance engineering teams to exacting safety and quality standards.

Other key capabilities incorporated in Valla pick and carry cranes supplied by Hird to customers in the aviation industry include:

  • Programmable systems to allow micro-control of the boom and hook for precision lifting.
  • Anti-collision sensors and switches that give warnings or stop the crane if it gets too close to an aircraft or other object.
  • 360-degree cameras to aid safe working.
  • The latest load monitoring indicator technology, with a full colour digital display for safe and fast lift set up and control.
  • The advanced LMI allows quick fault diagnosis both on-site or remotely from anywhere in the world.
  • Wireless remote controls so the crane operator can position themselves for the safest and most productive lifting.
  • Variable control outriggers, where they are fitted, to support lifting in confined spaces.
  • Intrinsically safe systems.
  • Hydraulic fly jibs and searcher hooks to enhance reach and up-and-over lifting capabilities, especially where headroom is limited.

Air transportable for emergency maintenance

On Middle East customer has ordered a Valla 220SE crane and a Valla 120E fixed-boom crane, which has a SWL of 12t.

The Valla 120E can be loaded onto a freight aircraft and taken anywhere in the world to support the urgent maintenance of the client’s aircraft, ensuring problems are dealt with as quickly as possible and to the right standard.

Carl Cooper said: “All Valla pick and carry cranes are designed so they can be upgraded with the latest control and power technology making them virtually futureproof.

“And, unlike an overhead crane, Valla mini cranes are assets for clients. If the client does decide that a new crane or mix of lifting technologies is needed, the crane can be sold.”

Visit Hird’s Manitex Valla stand at aviation show

Hird provides Valla pick and carry cranes for hire and sale. In the UK, they have been hired out for a range of aviation projects.

These include replacing winglets on passenger jets, lifting ejection seats and engines on military jets and, combined with a vacuum lifter, lifting out and installation of wing flaps on commercial aircraft.

Any visitor to the Kuwait Aviation Show 2020 who wants to discuss their lifting needs is very welcomed to attend the Manitex Valla pick and carry crane stand, presented by Hird.

For more information about Hird crane services, which include crane sales, crane hire and contract lifting, call today. Tel: 01482 227333. Email: [email protected].