A Valla crane to suit every environment

Valla pick and carry cranes are designed and manufactured to support a wide variety of industries.

From construction to aviation and mining, wherever objects and materials need to be moved, there will be a Valla crane to suit all environments.

This photo shows the Valla 22E pick and carry crane carrying a glass panel using a vacuum lifter. The Valla 22E is highly maneuverable and provides precision lifting in confined spaces. Thanks to its narrow dimensions, this electric mini crane is small enough to fit through standard double doors and yet it can lift up to 2.25t.
By reducing manual handling on the work site, teams can be kept small, which in turn helps to reduce costs.

Valla Function Focus
The Valla 22E can be fitted with optional non-marking tyres for operation in clean environments.
Valla 22E lifting glass panel

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