All Electric Valla V210R at Work

ECranes Rental & Sales recently demonstrated the capabilities of the largest of Valla’s pick and carry crane range –  the 100% electric Valla V210R, in a display of modern lifting technology. The event highlighted the company’s commitment to zero emission machinery without compromising on performance.

The Valla V210R boasts a lifting capacity of 21 tonnes, making it an ideal choice for heavy- duty tasks across various industries. This self-propelled crane is designed for both efficiency and environmental sustainability, reflecting the growing demand for eco-friendly industrial solutions.

Technical Specifications of the Valla V210R

The Valla V210R features several notable specifications:

  • Maximum Payload: 21,000kg
  • Total Weight: 23,270kg
  • Dimensions: 4,490mm x 2,000mm x 1,980mm
  • Power Unit: Fully 100% Electric
  • Brakes: Front Electro-Hydraulic

This crane is engineered to deliver a robust performance with minimal environmental impact. Its full electrical power unit ensures zero emissions, aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions in industrial operation.

Adapting to Modern Demands

As industries worldwide push for more sustainable practices, companies like ECRANES and Valla are providing tools that meet these new standards without compromising on power or functionality. The electric Valla V210R represents a step forward in this journey, showcasing how traditional industries can adapt to modern environmental demands.

The use of electric machinery, particularly in heavy industries, not only contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also offers enhanced efficiency. Electric motors are known for their reliability and lower maintenance costs. This reliability is crucial in industries where equipment uptime is directly tied to productivity and financial outcomes.

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