Enhancing Industrial Lifting: Valla and NMG Italia Combine Efforts

At Valla, the announcement of a dynamic partnership with NMG Italia reflects a mutual dedication to excellence in the industrial lifting sector. This collaboration brings together NMG Italia’s market knowledge and exceptional service with Valla’s innovative full electric pick and carry cranes, propelling both companies towards a greater ability of safety, sustainability, and productivity.

Valla’s V80R Crane and V130RX Crane join NMG Italia’s Fleet

The V80R Crane and V130RX Crane, two of the latest pick and carry cranes on the market, have arrived at NMG Italia. These advanced models are designed to meet the demanding needs of modern industrial lifting, ensuring efficiency and reliability in every operation.

V80R Pick & Carry Crane: A Compact Powerhouse

Technical Features

  • 8,000kg max payload
  • 3.190 x 1.400 x 1.895mm dimensions
  • 8,350kg total weight
  • Radio Controlled

The V80R Crane is engineered with state-of-the-art safety features, including automated load monitoring and precision control systems, minimising risks during operation. As a full electric crane, the V80R Crane operates with zero emissions, contributing to a greener environment and reducing operational costs. Its compact design allows for superior manoeuvrability in confined spaces, enhancing productivity without compromising on lifting capacity.

Enhancing Industrial Lifting Valla and NMG Italia Combine Efforts 3

V130RX Pick & Carry Crane: Robust and Versatile

Technical Features

  • 13,000kg max payload
  • 3.700 x 1.500 x 1.945mm dimensions
  • 11,400kg total weight 
  • Radio Controlled

The V130RX Crane boasts advanced stability control and ergonomic operator interfaces, ensuring safe and comfortable use in various lifting scenarios. The V130RX Crane is a full electric power unit, and delivers a powerful performance with zero environmental impact. With its robust lifting capabilities and versatile application range, the V130RX Crane is reliable for heavy-duty industrial tasks.

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Updates on the latest projects and developments, including the revolutionary capabilities of the V80R and V130RX cranes, will be showcased at upcoming exhibitions in 2024

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