NMG Italia Enhances Operations with Valla V80R Electric Crane

NMG Italia has recently integrated the innovative Valla V80R electric crane into their fleet, a leading provider of cranes and lifting equipment. 

The Valla V80R Pick and Carry Crane is already demonstrating its skills in a glass factory setting, showcasing its exceptional capability to operate in tight conditions and confined spaces. 

The addition of the Valla crane underlines NMG Italia’s commitment to adopting advanced technology to enhance their operational efficiency.

Valla V80R Crane Means Advanced Control and Safety Features

The Valla V80R, a pick-and-carry crane, is operated via wireless remote control. This feature gives operators the flexibility to position themselves optimally for controlling lifts helping to improve teamwork, safety, and productivity. 

With a maximum safe working load of 8 tonnes, a working height of up to 9.2 metres, and a working radius of 4.5 metres, the V80R crane is a versatile and powerful tool with a compact chassis that thrives in the manufacturing or workshop environment.

Versatile Hydraulic Jib

A standout feature of the Valla V80R is its hydraulic jib, which allows for optimal tilt adjustments at height. This adaptability ensures excellent performance, particularly in the precision-demanding tasks typical in glass manufacturing. 

Positioned on the goods lift, the crane easily reaches the worktop, facilitating smooth and efficient operation.

The inclusion of an optional fly jib enhances the crane’s versatility, making it adaptable for a variety of lifting scenarios.

A Strong Partnership and Future Prospects

NMG Italia’s addition of the Valla V80R Crane highlights a step forward in their operational capabilities. 

The electric crane’s ability to work efficiently in confined spaces, coupled with its lifting strength and versatile hydraulic jib, positions it as a key asset in their ongoing projects. 

This purchase not only strengthens NMG Italia’s fleet but also continues the strong relationship with Valla. The Valla V80R electric crane conveys NMG Italia’s dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology in their operations. 

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