Remote controlled precision lifting with the Valla V210R

In this video, we can see a Valla V210R pick and carry crane doing what it does best – precision lifting and moving.

Why choose the Valla V210R?

  • It’s compact size allows it to manoeuvre easily around warehouses and factory environments.
  • It’s electric powered, emitting zero emissions so ideal for indoor work.
  • It’s a fully remote controlled crane giving the operator freedom to manoeuvre it into the desired location while maintaining a safe distance from the load and observing what’s going around the crane.
  • It has a maximum safe working load of 20t (or 21t with an optional front outrigger bar).
  • It has a maximum working height of 12m (at 8t) to pick and carry loads of various shapes and sizes.

Whatever the job at hand, Valla cranes will have a pick and carry crane to suit: electric, diesel and slewing cranes.

Valla Function Focus
The absence of a cabin on this Valla V210R further enhances its compact design.

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