Rigging and Transportation Solutions Showcases Valla V90R in Action

Rigging and Transportation Solutions (R&T Solutions) deployed the Valla V90R pick and carry crane to efficiently lift two Crown high reach lift trucks, readying them for shipment. Only available in the USA, its European sibling would be the Valla V80R crane for those looking for a product that can match its high-quality capabilities.

R&T Solutions is a well established rigging and transportation company, known for its extensive expertise and reliable service. Specialising in project management and consulting, R&T Solutions has over 50 years of combined experience. Their skilled team excels in machinery moving, equipment installations, and plant relocations, offering tailored services to meet the needs of a diverse range of industries.

The Valla V90R Crane: A Game Changer in Rigging Services

The Valla V90R Crane is part of the new generation of pick and carry cranes, equipped with wireless remote control operation.

This provides the operator with freedom to choose their location whilst guiding the crane through a crowded manufacturing area. Improved visibility of the load, along with highly manoeuvrable chassis dramatically reduces risk of accidental damage and any subsequent delays, providing smooth and precise delivery of the load

This flexibility ensures that obstacles are easily navigated, and the job is completed efficiently and safely.

Key Specifications of the Valla V90R Crane

  • Maximum payload: 17.635lb
  • Total Weight: 18.410lb
  • Dimensions: 125 x 55 x 75 inches
  • Electro-Hydraulic Brakes

As a full electrical power pick and carry crane, the Valla V90R crane offers sustainable and fume-free lifting solutions, aligning with modern environmental standards creating zero impact.

Its non-marking tyres and optional accessories like the foldable mechanical and hydraulic jibs and self-levelling forks add to its adaptability and productivity in different rigging scenarios.

Rigging and Transportation Solutions: Driving Efficiency in the US

R&T Solutions’ use of the Valla V90R crane in their recent operation in New Galilee demonstrates their capability to handle complex machinery moving tasks with precision and care. 

As they continue to support industries across the US, their creative strategy and experienced team remain at the forefront of the rigging and transportation sector.

With a focus on safe and efficient operations, R&T Solutions represents the best practices in rigging services, setting a high standard for the industry. 

Their ongoing projects and the successful deployment of the Valla V90R crane highlight their ability to ensure critical machinery and equipment are transported and installed seamlessly.

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