Tandem Valla mini crane lift solves food factory access challenge

Two electric Valla pick and carry cranes have been used to install a new boiler inside a food factory in Hull, East Yorkshire.

A key challenge when planning the contract lift was the size of the 2-tonne boiler in relation to the dimensions of the doorway through which it had to be moved.

But by carrying out a tandem lift with two Valla mini cranes, Hird completed the machinery moving project in one day.

Tandem Valla crane lift - boiler installation
Tandem Valla crane lift - boiler installation

The vessel needed to be tipped on its side to get through the door. To achieve this, the crane operator backed the Valla 22E pick and carry crane onto the room lifting the bottom of the vessel while the operator of the Valla 35E small crane followed it in, lifting the top.

Once the vessel was inside, the Valla 22E mini crane lowered it onto machinery moving skates so the crane could be moved out of the way.

The Valla 35E’s boom could then be telescoped out to lift the vessel upright onto the skates and chocks. The Valla 35E mini crane was then used to lift the vessel again and place it where it was being installed.

The flexibility of the Valla electric pick and carry cranes ensured the machinery moving project was completed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Valla Function Focus
The Valla 22E and Valla 35E pick and carry cranes are electric powered. Zero emissions and low noise makes them ideal for indoor lifting in clean operational environments such as a food factory.

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