Valla 220SE ideal for aircraft maintenance

The Valla 220SE pick and carry crane was designed specifically for the aviation industry, although it’s so versatile that it can be applied to any industrial environment.

Aviation maintenance is a challenging industry where the right equipment is key to saving time and costs. This is where the Valla 220SE pick and carry crane comes into its own.
Being a slewing crane, it has an excellent working height of 15.5m and a maximum working radius of 13.5m, enabling it to operate safely at all angles around very expensive aircraft.

Electric power enables the crane to be used inside and outside the hangar environment, making operations more flexible and responsive in a world where every second counts while safety remains the overriding priority.

The Valla 220SE pick and carry crane has a maximum lift capacity of 22,000kg which reduces to 8,100kg when at its maximum working height. At the maximum radius, the lift capacity is 1,650kg.

Valla Function Focus
The Valla 220SE pick and carry crane can slew its boom continuously through 360 degrees and has a maximum working radius of 13.5m.
Valla 220SE mobile crane - aircraft maintenance

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