Valla V130RX Crane: Enhancing Industrial Handling in Italy

The Valla V130RX Crane was the perfect choice to help relocate heavy machinery for composite material production in Italy

The crane’s compact and narrow chassis, with an impressive 13-tonne lift capacity allowed it to manoeuvre around a busy industrial workplace and lift the heavy components efficiently. 

Key Specifications of the Valla V130RX Crane

The Valla V130RX Crane boasts a maximum lifting capacity of 13,000kg, reaching a working height of up to 10.1 metres and a working radius of 6.2 metres.

Its telescopic chassis extends forward to 4.4m and retracts to 3.7m, providing greater versatility in lifting. At its maximum height, the crane can lift up to 8,200kg, while at its maximum radius, it can handle 3,100kg.

Powered by 100% electric, the V130RX provides low noise, fume-free and zero emission operation.

The crane’s dimensions include a height of 1981mm, a length of 3709mm, and a width of 1525mm, with a total machine weight of 11,400kg.

Performance and Efficiency in Industrial Handling

The V130RX Crane performs exceptionally well across a number of industrial sectors. Its compact size and agility enable it to handle tasks that larger cranes cannot, such as moving machinery in factories and assisting with installations on construction sites.

Minimal Disruption with the V130RX Crane

The V130RX Crane completes lifts with minimal disruption, enhancing safety and efficiency by reducing the need for manual labour. 

Its electric power source makes it an environmentally friendly choice, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainability in industrial activities, combining power, precision and environmental consciousness all in one.

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