Hird supplies Valla pick and carry crane to Singapore air force

Hird has supplied a Manitex Valla 50E pick and carry crane to the Republic of Singapore Air Force to carry out maintenance on its fighter aircraft.

The company, an authorised dealer for Valla Cranes, won the order in a competitive bidding process managed by the Singapore government.

The Valla 50E pick and carry crane has a maximum safe working load of 5t, a maximum working height of 7.1t and a maximum working radius of 4.8t.

Valla 50E pick and carry crane supplied to singapore goverment

Fume-free lifting

As a battery powered electric crane, it provides fume-free, low carbon footprint, and low-noise operation, which is ideal for working in aircraft hangars.

Valla Cranes has appointed Hird as a its global aviation crane specialist, in recognition of the Hull-based company’s expertise in supporting the sector.

Hird Sales and Aftersales Manager Carl Cooper said: “We were delighted to be commissioned by the Singapore government to supply a Valla 50E crane to maintain its military jets.

“The Valla pick and carry crane has demonstrated many times in the past that it’s the best crane for aviation maintenance, both in commercial and military settings.”

valla 50e electric pick and carry crane delviered to singapore air force

Installing ejector seats

The Valla 50E mini crane can be used for a range of lifting tasks in military aviation environments, including moving engines and removing and installing ejector seats.

The crane, which has a sit-in cab and non-marking tyres, is just 1600mm wide and 3000m long, so can be moved easily around busy hangar spaces, aided by the mobility provided by a rear articulating axle.

It can also be used to carry out indoor and outdoor lifting, and for moving loads between the two environments, which is essential for maintenance tasks that need to be carried out quickly at short notice.

The Valla 50E mini crane also has a sophisticated 3B6 load moment indicator system to enhance efficiency and safety, along with visual and audible alarms to assist the operator in managing lifts.

singapore airforce - valla 50e electric pick and carry crane

Crane handover training

As part of the ‘design-to-lift’ service provided by Hird, Carl Cooper travelled to Singapore to train the crane operators who would be using the Valla 50E mini crane.

Singapore’s air force required a standard electric Valla crane. However, Hird can work with clients and Valla Cranes to design a crane that meets bespoke needs.

For example, it worked with Virgin Atlantic to develop the specification for the Valla 220SE electric slewing crane, which has a SWL of 22t, a maximum working height of 15.5m, and a radius of 13.5m.

The pick and carry crane is now used by airlines and aviation maintenance companies around the world to carry out safe lifting tasks to the challenging timescales required by the airline industry.

training crane operators - valla 50e - singapore government

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