New V Series Cranes arrive at Hird Sales

The Hird team were delighted to see a great new line up at their Hull Headquarters – another delivery of the latest V Series Pick and Carry Cranes ready to be checked and delivered to customers across the UK.

Electric crane sales
Phil Hird, Managing Director was delighted to see the line-up at the Crane Sales HQ in Hull  “It’s a pick and carry crane dream team”

As one of the leading pick and carry crane sales companies in the UK, Hird’s Sales team were delighted to see three of the class leading crane models before their pre delivery inspections.

The largest of the pick and carry crane range is the Valla V210R – providing 21 tonnes of lifting power from a chassis smaller than an Audi A4

All electric crane sales has grown substantially in recent years with modern batteries and chargers provide outstanding, eco-friendly lifting power. Customers are increasingly demanding fume-free, emission-free electric cranes without compromising on lifting power. The V series delivers customers these benefits – be it in aircraft hangars and dockyards or pharmaceutical and food manufacturing.

Contract the Hird sales team to find out more about how Valla V pick and carry electric cranes can help you overcome your lifting challenges.

Valla Function Focus
Another key benefit of Valla’s V Series is a great range of attachments that can be interchanged – hydraulic lifting forks, luffing hydraulic fly jibs and winches – helping customers carry out different types of lifts.

Find out more about the full range of Valla pick and carry cranes. Contact our technical sales team today.

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